Restaurant connoisseur, Chef, and professional model for many years. From the kitchen to the runway, he's redefining gastronomy in Manhattan. A Peruvian sensation turned ARI ambassador; he's all about blending tastes and styles with pure charisma. Get ready to savor both his dishes and his impeccable ARI style.
How are your three restaurants different?
Baby Brasa Restaurant is a place that celebrates the best of Latin American cuisine. The proposal of Peruvian food, one of the most awarded in the world, within an atmosphere that invites celebration. The second restaurant in our group is Tivoli Trattoria, an Italian restaurant with a cozy energy featuring a great menu of pasta and pizzas, along with a comprehensive selection of Italian wines. And the most recent concept I have is an Italian coffee shop called Fellini. It has become trendy due to its location and design, making it viral on social media. All are located in the West Village, Manhattan.
What would it be if you could define your style in one sentence?
My style blends casual elegance with city vibes. 
What kind of pieces do you consider staples in a man's closet?
A perfect white shirt in the right size and a good fitted black jeans.
Anything you hate and love about New York?
New York has the power to surprise you when you least expect it. Sometimes with something you hate and other times with something you love.
What is a successful man for you?
A man who is clear about his passion and aligns it with his professional career; to me, that is living in coherence.
Which woman do you consider a key influence in your life?
Many influential women are in my life, from my mother to Martha Stewart. They have all left a significant mark that has inspired me to tap into my creative side.
What are the countries where you see the most stylish people?
Italy and France.
What are your favorite ARI pieces?
There are many, but I'm impressed by the leather jackets, cashmere, and boots. If I had to choose one piece, it would be the ARI Paul Suede Shirt in Dark Green. 
What do you like most about the brand?
The brand's fit is perfect. It always manages to make you look better.
How does ARI fit into your lifestyle?
ARI is very functional and versatile. I can wear it during the day for work meetings and also go to an evening event, always looking well dressed. First impressions matter, and I always aim to dress to impress.
What does a typical day-to-day outfit look like?
Black leather shoes, black jeans, a shirt or t-shirt, and a jacket are essentials in my day-to-day wear.