Moshe Ben-Ari is the Israel-bred founder and creative director of ARI, a men's fashion brand known for its custom and thoughtful shopping experience. Born into a family of limited means, Moshe developed a passion for clothing at a young age, influenced by his mother's expertise as a custom tailor. After immigrating to America, he worked at various shops before opening his own store at the age of 26. 

Driven by a desire to offer a different kind of product to his customers, Moshe traveled to Europe to research and collaborate with small companies focused solely on the quality of their products. The brand's emphasis on providing a unique shopping experience sets them apart from others, with knowledgeable staff who understand the importance of fit and personalization. Moshe's dedication to producing high-quality pieces led him to work with Italian factories that also manufacture for renowned luxury brands.

Regarding the brand's identity, Moshe describes Ari as "classic with a twist," incorporating an element of aggression into its aesthetic. The focus is on creating silhouettes that flatter men who take care of themselves. Moshe's commitment to producing well-fitting garments stems from his own struggle to find clothes that complement his athletic build. Ari's success has attracted a loyal following among athletes and celebrities, with customers appreciating the brand's custom knitwear and attention to detail. Moshe's passion for quality and strong relationships with small factories have been crucial to his brand's growth. He emphasizes the importance of progress and not delaying opportunities, and he takes pride in the exceptional service provided by his stylists who know customers by name and understand their preferences.


With a flagship store in New York's SoHo neighborhood and additional locations in Miami and Beverly Hills, ARI continues to expand its presence. Moshe's vision and dedication have earned him recognition and a devoted clientele, including notable figures such as Coldplay, Depeche Mode, Tom Cruise, and Ellen DeGeneres. As the brand gains traction globally, Moshe remains committed to maintaining his standards of quality and authenticity.

  • 2001: Moshe Ben-Ari opens the first Ari store in New York's SoHo neighborhood, offering researched and curated products from small European companies
  • 2016: Ari expands its presence by opening a store in Miami, catering to a growing customer base seeking unique and well-fitting garments.
  • 2019: The brand gains recognition when Coldplay, among other celebrities, is spotted wearing Ari designs, solidifying its status as a go-to choice for stylish individuals.
  • 2020: Ari collaborates with the renowned music band Depeche Mode, featuring their integrant in the brand's first campaign, further enhancing its cool and luxury-oriented image.
  • 2021: Ari opens a new location in Beverly Hills, California, bringing its curated selection of sharp suiting and rugged-cool essentials to the West Coast.
  • 2022: The brand introduces its highly anticipated women's collection, expanding its offerings to cater to fashionable women seeking the same attention to fit and quality that Ari is known for.

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